Welcome to the new year and very best wishes from Black Cat Archery Ltd

Memberships this year will be applied for and paid through the Black Cat Archery website.  There are benefit to you to do so.

1. The membership will be from the date you pay for your membership on site.  Sign up today, you will renew on the anniversary of your membership.

2. Renewals are also automatic, by default on the anniversary of your membership your renewal fee will be automatically paid.  You may decide to opt out and not automatically renew.

3. Discounts are automatically calculated for you based on your level of membership.

4. All levels of membership for Black Cat Archery will give 50% discount on shoot fees as a minimum

5. Group membership / Family membership fees, are automatically calculated on the website, just specify how many memberships you need.  Discount for group membership is available but is limited.

For archery we offer 3 levels of membership Bronze, Silver and Gold. Click on the images to start the membership process

Bronze is for membership which renews every quarter and is the most expensive level at £9/Qtr with the least discount at 2.5%