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Black Cat HFT

It is estimated that 4 million Air Rifles are owned in the UK alone, which shows how fast the sport is growing in a variety of disciplines. Black cat Archery actively promotes this sporting discipline – is this the sport for you? … 

Hunter Field Target, also known as HFT is a popular target shooting sport that combines the air gun disciplines of target shooting with hunting scenarios. This is predominately an outdoor sport, shot with air rifles rated at a maximum of 12ft.lbf.

The aim:

The aim of the sport is to ‘knock down’ as many of the targets, which are placed in certain positions to simulate different hunting scenarios.


There are a variety of skills needed for HFT, but the one that is highly regarded is the ability to range the target as accurately as possible. This can be done using either a telescopic sight fitted with a ‘mil-dot’ reticule and 30/30 reticule or in the traditional method of ‘visualising’ the distance between the shooter and the target. Once the shooter has started the course, they are unable to adjust their scope until the end of the course.

Out door air gun shooting


Set up:

In a typical HFT competition, you would expect to see on average 30 lanes, each consisting of a ‘peg’ and various ‘knock down targets’. In these instances, the ‘peg’ indicates the point where each shooter should take their shot. A part of the competitors’ body or gun must be touching the peg for the shot to count.


The targets to be shot are usually a variety of popular hunting quarry, such as rats, crows, magpies, squirrels and rabbits (varying in size from approx. 15 – 45 mm in diameter), there are also a number of custom shaped targets to add fun. These targets are made from metal and closely resemble the quarry in both shape and size with a circular ‘kill zone’ that varies in size depending on the size of the target. The targets are set up at different distances usually varying from 8 – 45 yards/ 7.3 – 41.1m.

Shooting Positions:

During the competition, shooters are able to adopt one of three stances; prone (lying down), kneeling and standing. There are 3 standing shots only and 3 Kneeling shots (these can be taken standing), which will have a dedicated sign and failure to shoot in this position could result in 0 points being awarded even if a ‘kill zone’ shot has taken place.

Modern air gun

Air gun


A direct shot to the ‘kill zone’ triggers a mechanism that ensures the target falls flat. A flat target represents, a successful ‘killing’ and the shooter gains 2 points for the exact ‘kill zone’. In cases whereby the shooter hits the target but outside of the ‘kill zone’ they will be awarded 1 point for what is known as ‘plating’. A missed shot results in 0 points for the shooter. The targets are then reset by a ‘reset cord’ and ready for the next competitor.

Prohibited items:

All assets such as windicators and bipods are banned in HFT

Is this sport appealing to you, then please do contact us.  Our HFT club is an active competitive member of the HFT scene



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