About Us

Are you looking for a new experience or are you simply looking for somewhere to practice your skills. Here at Black Cat Archery we can provide you with the environment and facility to do both. Never shot an arrow before, with us you can without the hassle of having to contemplate joining a club. You can in many cases turn up and shoot. We will provide the appropriate training to get you shooting a bow safely. You can decide whether you want to shoot our 24 target 3D course or shoot at a fixed target in our open field range. You can also opt to take one of our training courses which will enhance your shooting experience and give you a greater insight into how to refine your skills. These course will need to be booked so drop us a line from our contacts form, click here
For existing archer, it is a turn up and shoot facility. The site is fully insured and following a competency check, you are free to shoot our 3D course or shoot out in our field. All visitors are welcome and if you want to join our club on site the shoot fees reduce based on your membership.

Medieval Archery, we love medieval archery and will encourage all to try it. The longbow is so versitile you can do so much with your longbow, flight shoot, artillary shooting, taget shooting, hunting, multiple arrows off the the bow etc., great fun for all. Check out our Archery pages

Not Medieval enough, spend a little time with our medieval re-enactment club, the College of Chivalry. With the college you could be one of the archers, or perhaps a squire to a knight, or perhaps train and become one of the Colleges knights and fight in armour using a variety of weapons, swords, axes, mace, poleaxe etc. Great fun.

Retired and want to try something new, we have a great social club that operate from our site, University of the 3rd Age (U3A) which offers archery and Air gun shooting on our site Mondays and fridays each week. Acces to this club is based on your retired status. Once a member, the site is fully available to you to practice your preferred sport, 3d targets, Target archery etc as well as air gun shooting.

Air guns? yes, we also offer a full air gun facility including an out door shooting range, a HFT shooting course and an indoor shoting shed.<