Woodland Ranges
The woodland range is set up with 24 3D animal targets. Book 24 targets to shoot!
To the right is a movie of the 24 targets for you to review.

Indoor Archery Training Range

Our long standing indoor range keeps being upgraded and improved. It is used as a covered range, a covered area for parties etc., although it has been designed primarily as a training range.

Field Range
The field range is a large open expanse for you to practice you field archery skills.
Do not confuse this with the general term Field Archery, which often also includes shooting at 3D targets in woodland and in the open.
This range is strictly field only and does not include the woodland 3D archery range.
We have a large bank of bales which you can use. We developing additional features on this range such as flag shoots, clout shoot, golf etc!

Target Range
This range is specifically to target archery and the competitive archery disciplines found in the Olympics and other world archery championships, with targets at measured distances.

Please contact andrew@blackcatarchery.com or chris@blackcatarchery.com for your booking: