Black Cat Archery

With our Black Cat Archery Experience and Academy you have a number of options available, from being a complete novice through to being an experienced archer.

Black Cat Experience is a group booking scenario where a private or corporate groups can spend time with us and we will tailor the experience to suit your requirements.

The Academy is about learning the skills required to become a competent and accurate archer.  These lessons have been designed to maximize your bow time and deliver the knowledge required short space of time.

We aim to ensure that all activities at Black Cat Archery are executed with fun in mind.

Black Cat Archery Experience and Academy is Open for business!

Black Cat Archery Experience.

Our Experience options are designed for you to experience archery in all its form, so that you can decide which archery style you would like to pursue.  We are not a club and therefore we do not limit the options that we offer to you. You need to know what is available so that you can decide the right option.

When it comes to archery, the Black Cat Archery experience is second to none, this is because:
We do provide a unique range of options from target shooting to woodland 3D range.
And we do cater for everyone from the seasoned archer to the absolute beginner…
And tailor events for everything from small parties to large corporate events…
We can make your day as competitive as you want…

As a result we always ensure that above all else you have fun in a safe environment, that we know you will enjoy and will want to return for more.

Black Cat Archery will tailor your needs to suit your requirement based on the number of people involved and the amount of time you wish to spend with us. We have three different archery ranges available for any proposed activity or event:

Target Archery;

Shoot like an Olympic archer, using Olympic scoring, rules and distances. Competition bows and all the items associated with serious competitive archery are available!

Woodland 3D archery;

Our 3D targets in our woodland are ready to test the archer in a game hunting environment. You can simply shoot at the targets or be more competitive with scoring. The targets are challenging and will test you as an archer! Could you protect yourself or put food on the table?

Field archery;

This range is where you can experience how the medieval archer would train for war.  Medieval archers developed their skills over many years to become devastating warriors of their time.  Training includes clout shooting, roving marks and shooting at the wand along with artillery shooting over long distances.

Traditional targets;

And certainly we have traditional target faces to shoot at, and in contrast also some non traditional too.

We will provide all equipment necessary for the events from recurve target bows, hunting compound bows, traditional longbows and arrows to suit each style of bow and target and training on these bows is available.

The Black Cat Archery Experience will be exciting and challenging and most of all fun.

Contact Chris on 07875 196357 or click Here to send mail or via our Facebook page (click the Facebook icon) to book and arrange your event.


It is Illegal to hunt in the UK with a bow.

Black Cat Archery Ltd will never accept that it is safe to shoot outside of a Controlled Archery Environment.  Only shoot at our facility or a recognized archery club.

Black Cat Archery Academy.

The ethos of the Black Cat Archery Academy is to introduce the new archer to the 3 main forms of archery with no bias to any shooting style. The archer is free to decide which style of archery suits them best.

All lessons given with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 4:1.
All equipment will be provided by Black Cat Archery. This is primarily an outdoor sport and it is advisable to dress for the prevailing conditions. (Avoid loose clothing, which could be harmful)
The course for the novice archer comprises of four 2-hour lessons where the archer will be introduced to the three basic archery Styles.

You can either book your lessons directly Here

If you wish to buy a gift, purchase our gift card Here which can be redeemed for any of the following lessons

Lesson 1:

Is designed as an introduction to archery safety, equipment and terms.  Also during the lesson, the archer will use a ‘bare’ bow and in doing so is taught to shoot instinctively without the use of sights or aiming points in the medieval style. The lesson will conclude with some medieval style shooting games on our field range and therefore the archer will have gained good competency to shoot again.

Lesson 2:

Progress through time to the re-curve target bow and so the main thrust of this lesson is accuracy and consistency using the point of aim, or gap shooting style. The archer will progress from a simple takedown re-curve bow to perhaps an Olympic style target bow. The lesson will conclude with target games and woodland shooting where the archers accuracy will be tested.

Lesson 3:

Complete the journey through archery history with the compound-hunting bow. The archer is taught how to set up the bow and its sights to achieve the most accurate form of archery. The lesson will finish ‘hunting’ our lifelike 3D targets in our woodland range.

Lesson 4:

This lesson is determined by archers’ choice, as the archer can decide which form of archery is favoured and we will then consolidate that style within the Woodland or Target