Black Cat Archery Clubs

We have a number of independant and closely associated clubs running at our Black cat Archery site, here following is a listing of the clubs.


An independent club practicing the art of Medieval style Longbow.  This group shoots on a Saturday morning from 10am til 2pm.  You will have to be competent with the longbow and if your are new to this type or bow or archery you should get yourself on one of our longbow courses.  Click here for course details.  The website is www.companionsofthelongbow.comand the contact person is Dave, his email is


A group set up by Black Cat Archery for the training of Medieval knights and Archers for the sole purpose of putting on re-enactment shows and displays.  All the Knights and archers are trained to a high standard and the shows are spectacular as a crowd pleaser.  The College is always looking for new Knights (intake September) and archers along with their squires, maidens and wenches.  This group is one of the most entertaining groups to be associated with.  The web site is www.collegeofchivalry.comand the contact person is Andrew and his email is


Swindon University of the Third Age

An independent group which runs 2 clubs on our site and which Black Cat Supports.  U3A is a body set up to provide activities for the retired community of all ages.  The U3A web site in Swindon is

 – Field Archery Club

   Runs on a Friday mornings and Monday afternoons.  Target archery of any bow type.  Black Cat Archery provides coaching an arranges the initial training prior to joining the group proper. Contact Alan and his email

 – Air Pistol Club

New, members required!  A air pistol shooting club.  Operating out of the Covered training range at Black Cat Archery.  The club is new and is developing.  Contact andrew@blackcatarchery.comfor further information




The Air Rifle range at Black Cat Archery has been set up to provide Air Rifle shooters a place to practice their skills or to simply zero in their sights.  We have 3 ranges set in our woodland specifically allocated to the Air Rifle club.  There are a few members and this is a new club that is looking for more member.  No web site yet but please contact Andrew for more information His email address is

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