Our History

Black Cat Archery Ltd has been an idea that has been brewing in Andrew’s mind for a number of years. The idea started as a concept where a company could arrange archery based holidays to various events and sites related to archery. International competitions was one area and the other was key historic sites such as Crecy, Agincourt etc.

As time moved on the concept developed into an archery centre where there would be ranges for people to shoot, Clubs for archers to join, Coaching and training, retail for archery products and of course the Black Cat Experience which still has the archery holiday in its future plans but for the short term experience is now based at our site.

The site became available in 2010 and like minded colleagues pooled their resources and committed to the Black Cat concept and we began trading May 2010. The retail stock was purchased and the woodland site had to be clean out. It was previously used as a paint ball site and it took a few months and many large containers to remove the rubbish and prepare the woods for the 3D range.

The range opened in October 2010 and has been very popular. The on-line shop has gained momentum but we choose to close our shop in Royal Wootton Bassett as our focus was on our main ranges site. Further work is required with our on-line shop but it is moving forward.

The original 24 3D targets have bedded in and now we have added an Air Rifle HFT cource, sighting range and an air pistol indoor range. The covered range was built to provide a convenient place for under cover training, an Air Pistol range and also a structure to have meetings and get together as well as parties for those larger events such as the Black Cat Medieval Archery weekend. This structure is also used as a training base for the College of Chivalry. Black Cat Archery has also tried to keep in mind access for disabled archers and we may still need to do more work in this area but our intention is clear in terms of access for all.

Many people have now been through the academy for the 4 week course designed specifically to give people a choice and allow then to decide which form of archery best suit them. Having started with target archery 20+ years ago, boredom soon set in so it was important to expose new archers to as much variety as possible. Training will a small student to coach ratio, maximum 4 archer to one coach. This maximises bow time and allows for more one on one time.

As the company progresses it aims to make as much use of the land as possible and additional shooting, themed activities will be incorporated into our offering. Keep watching as we develop. Alternatively click on our sign up button below for our newsletters.

Are we missing an opportunity, is there something we could be doing that will satisfy a local market. We would be interested to know your ideas and to see if we can put them into actions.